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INNOVATIVE Silicone brush head technology
Innovative design of Silicone brush head to give the cleanest teeth and healthiest gums.
EFFECTIVE cleaning functions
Effectively removes plaque from every angles without irritating the gums.
Innovative Silicone brush head to brush the teeth softly to protect the gums from bleeding.
THOROUGH brushing effect
Brush head with fitting design, penetrates deeply between the teeth to sweep away the plaque and acts as a floss to clean the teeth thoroughly.
Silicone brush head gives gentle stimulation and massages the gums to improve the blood circulation.
UNIQUE design and brushing mode
Unique brushing mode removes plaque from the full surface to the hard-to-reach areas.
SILICONE brush head
Durable, flexible and strong without hurting the enamel of teeth and the gums.
Clinically tested to improve the health of the teeth and gums in long term of use.


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